Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Has true loyalty been left in the past…!

Dimension Films has acquired the remake rights to An American Werewolf in London, John Landis' groundbreaking horror-comedy from 1981. Over the last few years remake after remake have hit our screens from ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’, ‘Get Carter’ to ‘King Kong’ to name a few. It’s become very noticeable how the film industry has recognised how investing in good ideas from the past can actually be very financially beneficial.

It’s not just the film industry stepping back in time, it’s also brands. Large international brands are re-launching their products using their old ideas, packaging and advertising in an effort to regain the consumers’ attention and loyalty. In the climate of the recession it’s ‘every brand for themselves’ to get noticed and be the one that gets put in the basket, it’s all down to price and brand loyalty. One brand most recently reusing its old advertising is Milky Way, airing their cartoon car TV advert this week. The old classic advert naturally takes you back to the past and to your younger years and memories, often bringing a smile to your face and so creating the essence of loyalty to the brand and that comforting feeling, this being every brands ultimate goal!

Another brand stepping back in time earlier this year was Monster Munch, going back to their roots and reinstating their three colourful cartoon monsters featuring on all advertising and packaging. With proven profits benefiting these brands and their companies I can guarantee we will be seeing many more old favourites coming back with opening arms!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Michael Jackson – A True Legend

On Thursday 25th June at 2.36pm US local time, reports began to flood through that Michael Jackson, King of Pop had died of a suspected heart attack, at the age of 50, in Los Angeles’ UCLA Medical Centre.

Whilst tearful fans gathered outside the hospital, news spread fast as the whole world came to a complete standstill, including Google which ground to a halt due to an overwhelming level of traffic.

Ever since, newspapers have dismissed all other headline news, adorning their front pages and majority of the inner spreads to the music legend himself. Weekend national papers all came complete with a complementary tribute supplement, whilst OK! dedicated an entire magazine to celebrate the life of the King.

Glastonbury geared up to pay tribute to the star with celebrities including Lily Allen sporting his trademark white glove during her performance. Other artists at the Somerset music festival showed their support by performing a number of cover versions of his greatest hits over the weekend.

However, as the world mourns the loss of a true music legend, let us not forget how fickle these so called ‘fans’ and reporters were in his real time of need. In previous years, the newspapers have been less kind to the star, reporting on his repeated cosmetic surgery, dramatic physical transformation, baby dangling antics, not to mention a decade of child abuse claims. Whilst the nation claims to be experiencing a huge loss, we must ask ourselves if these ‘fans’ and journalists were such true supporters during the negative press which Michael was continuously subjected to?

Was it in fact these journalists and ‘fans’ that caused the legend so much grief, which ultimately led to the development of serious health issues?
In the words of Uri Geller, “perhaps Michael was the way he was because he just never had the chance to experience a proper childhood, hence his ongoing strive to relive his youth?”

However no matter what extent of negative press Michael was subjected to over the years, currently the focus seems to be on the great songs that he produced, and the outstanding charitable contributions that he made. So I guess the question we must ask ourselves is; does it really take for a celebrity to die for the public to remember the good that they did?

Not forgetting Jade Goody who faced ongoing media backlash in the press following her unruly behaviour on both Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. That was until she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and heralded a true ‘hero’...

Nostalgic foods drive comfortable profits

According to the latest Future Laboratory research; “meals like mum used to make and foods with nostalgic connotations are continuing to prosper in the recession as consumers turn to familiar comfort food in times of economic chaos. School dinner classics are back on the menu in homes across the country.

Sales of arctic rolls are expected to rise by another 5% this year to a total of £284m, Sainsbury’s sales of Fray Bentos steak and mushroom pies have risen 40% year-on-year and Asda’s sales of Bisto have risen by 20% in the same period”.

Cirkle is helping its clients to capitalise on these latest trends, incorporating compelling consumer insights into the creation of relevant and timely PR campaigns such as the Monster Munch re-launch for Walkers, which drove a sales increase of 64% year-on-year, and the Lesley Waters ‘Best of British’ campaign, which is on track to deliver exceptional results for Mission foods.

Watch this space for the latest updates on these campaigns and many more food trends...

Friday, 26 June 2009

It’s official…we all love a good pampering session

We, the Cirkle body+soul team, commissioned a survey into Life’s Little Pleasures on behalf of our face masque client, Montagne Jeunesse, with some very interesting results. Fittingly, pampering scored highly in the poll with a soak in the bath coming out as our top pampering pleasure, followed closely by a massage from our partner and then colouring our hair at home.

Top 5 Pampering Pleasures
1. Soak in the bath
2. Massage from partner
3. Colouring hair
4. Waxing legs
5. Shaping eyebrows

It may seem unusual that beauty regimes such as hair colouring, leg waxing and eyebrow shaping are listed as ‘pampering’ treats, but to me this is just a sign of the time poor society we live in and that these things that are normally viewed as beauty chores, are now seen as a treat in relation to having the time to do. This is reinforced by the fact that three quarters of us wish we had more time for pampering.

We also revealed that Sunday is the day we go for an all out beauty blitz and that we’re a nation of body moisturising neglecters!

Top 5 most neglected beauty treats
1. Body moisturising
2. Painting nails
3. Exfoliating
4. Skincare routine
5. Face masques

Did you know that 80% of women are unhappy with their skin? Well it’s no wonder we’re concerned, men and women both stated that the face was the most important factor in attracting the opposite sex. So get your face masques at the ready people!

And who are our favourite pamper princesses? Cheryl Cole most definitely has the Xfactor and won the vote for our top beauty icon 2009. Jennifer Anniston flies the flag for the US at number 2 with voluptuous Holly Willoughby skating in at 3rd position.

Top 5 Beauty Icons of 2009
1. Cheryl Cole
2. Jennifer Anniston
3. Holly Willoughby
4. Angelina Jolie
5. Kate Winslet

We also discovered that women prefer to indulge on their own however, if they were to share their pampering treat with a celeb Cheryl Cole would be the top celeb of choice followed by funny lady Dawn French and Fern Britton. Men on the other hand are more than happy to share their pampering sessions and their no.1 celeb pampering partner is David Beckham!

The power of the celebrity has again been demonstrated as these celeb stats caught the eye of the Press Association and have subsequently been picked up by over 130 national and regional newspapers and websites.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Help find the missing “rose boy” (sponsored by Kodak)

Megan Fox, star of the Transformers sequel has helped Kodak peak in the headlines this week. A young lovestruck teenager, dubbed ‘Rose boy’ presented Megan Fox with a single rose at the premier of her new film this week but was stubbed by Fox for his efforts and dismissed back into the crowds. In a true ‘underdog fights back’ story, Kodak have taken on the hero role and is appealing to every man, women and teenager whom have ever had a dreamy starstruck crush and hope people will come forward in identifying who the boy in the photograph actually is. Officials at the photo company want to give him £3,300 and make his dream of meeting the actress come true, as Fox confirms she wants to say sorry personally,

"I feel so sad for him. That's so terrible. That kills me. There were, like, 80 million people everywhere. It's dark, all I see are flashes. Everyone's yelling different things... and I didn't know that was happening. "If you know his name, I will send him a personal apology. I'm horrified. I would never do that. I'm sorry, sweet boy. I would never do that to you, and I would gladly accept your rose if I see you again."

In a PR stunt that could have been straight from a Hollywood film script, Kodak’s appeal to the nation to help a young underdog who thought his luck had run out until Kodak saved the day and make his dreams come true is a PR stunt that really has given Kodak more brand exposure than they could have possibly thought or even bought! Well done Kodak.
The only thing is have you seen this boy…

Swine Flu: Has Media Hype Undermined a Serious Problem?

Swine flu has been the big story in the media over the last couple of months. As the H1N1 virus spreads throughout the world it continues to touch more and more people’s lives, and there are grave predictions about how cases will increase in the Autumn once normal flu season kicks in. Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson has warned the Government that up to half of the UK population could become infected with swine flu before the end of the year, while the Federation of Small Businesses has warned that too few companies are making contingency plans for the spread of the virus and that "failure to prepare could have severe consequences".

At Cirkle, we’ve been working with a company called Healthcare Connections since just before the outbreak was announced. Healthcare Connections owns the largest stock of the antiviral medication Tamiflu outside of the Government, and has been helping companies and individuals to prepare for the outbreak of a pandemic for four years. Our relationship with Healthcare Connections means that we’ve been monitoring the media for swine flu with great intensity, with print, broadcast and online media all on our radar. And this has revealed some interesting insight into just how both the global media and the general public reacts when big news breaks.

When the swine flu in Mexico story first broke, there was what can only be described as a media frenzy around the virus. Everyone wanted a piece of the action – every newspaper, every magazine, every TV station and every radio station was searching for a slightly different angle on the story. We generated something in the region of £3 million worth of editorial coverage for Healthcare Connections in less than a month. On the social media side, our
Easy Flu Protection Facebook page was attracting a steady stream of visitors, the videos we uploaded to our YouTube channel were constantly being viewed, and on Twitter the keywords ‘swine flu’ and ‘h1n1’ were among the trending topics day after day for several weeks, keeping our Easy Flu Twitter team very busy! And then it went quiet…

More recently, there’s been a lot of comment in the social media about how much conventional media over-hyped swine flu. Rather like ‘the boy who cried wolf’, there’s a feeling that it went too hard, too fast, and so when serious developments happen, such as the Word Health Organisation declaring a global pandemic, it fell on the deaf ears of a public bored of hearing about swine flu. Forums are asking whether the wide media coverage made too much of a minor virus, and there are conspiracy theories about the virus being released on purpose by drug companies so they can sell more. On one forum recently someone stated: “It’s just another addition to the endless barrage of fear mongering propaganda directed at that general public on a unceasing basis.”

The facts are, however, that swine flu is a serious issue that could have far-reaching consequences not just on a human level but also on the already weak global economy. It’s an issue that every person and every business should give some thought to and not dismiss glibly as media hype. But what do you think – have the media shot us all in the feet?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

You Cannot Be Serious...

So, it’s that time of year again. Yesterday was the opening day of Wimbledon, Roger Federer steam-rollered his way to his normal 3-0 win and, with last year’s champion Rafael Nadal not fit, it looks like he’ll probably win his sixth title (Andy Murray permitting) and a record-breaking 15th Grand Slam.

But what of the women’s game? The story of the opening day (at least from a Brit’s point of view) had to be the emerging talent of 15 year old Laura Robson, who won the first set and pushed Daniela Hantuchova very hard before eventually succumbing by two sets to one. But there seems to be something else dominating the media as this year’s women’s tournament gets under way. It’s all about grunting.

And I have to say, having endured no more than ten minutes of the Maria Sharapova v Viktoriya Kutuzova match before feeling compelled to turn over, I’m inclined to agree with those journalists and columnists saying that the noise on court from some female players is getting out of control. Portuguese teenager Michelle Larcher De Brito grunts at an incredible 109 decibels. To put that in context, a rock concert can reach 115db and aural pain begins at 125 db. De Brito has stated that the noise is an integral part of her game, implying that it demonstrates the effort she puts into every shot. John McEnroe’s response? “Pur-lease…”

All this started me thinking (which is never a good thing). What if PR agencies employed the same tactics when we pitch our hard thought-out strategies to clients? “Today we’d like to talk to you about – UGH! – how we can leverage your brand personality with the media to – AGH! – deliver exceptional return on investment. We’ve worked – AARRGH! – really hard on this!” Maybe our clients would more appreciate the sheer effort we put in? Maybe, at this time of year especially, it would strike a chord? Maybe I’ll suggest it to our MD? Or maybe I need a holiday…

Cirkle race ahead with good intentions!

Cirkle have taken on a new challenge for 2009, a relay Triathlon. Caroline Kinsey (Company MD), Brooke Howard (Account Manager) and I will take on the swim, run and bike challenge at the Olympic site at Dorney Lake in Windsor on the 10th of July.

We will be raising money for CLIC Sargent (Caring for Children with Cancer), a worthy charity with great morals and beliefs.

Our aim is to raise over £500 for the CLIC Sargent charity and are on our way to doing so, but ask you to help us beat our target by charitably donating to our sponsor page,
www.justgiving.com/cirkle. All donations welcome!!!

All support would be much appreciated and we look forward to feeding back to you on our Triathlon success!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Bring Back The Old…

In recent weeks, many of you will have noticed your television screens being adorned with adverts of old…

Remember the Milky Bar Kid who’s strong and tough, and only the best is good enough? Or let me remind you of the 1986 Persil advert with the skinhead who can’t quite comprehend how to wash his white shirt until he spots the Persil box? Not to mention the well renowned Aquafresh cartoon – three in one protection for your family?

If that wasn’t enough, dig way back in your memory – remember the
Milky Way advert where the red car and the blue car had a race….but all they want to do is stuff their face...

The reason for the revival of these old TV adverts? Nostalgia, we are told! With many brands struggling to survive in these credit crunch times, it seems that reverting back to their roots helps to create nostalgic feeling and bring back positive memories amongst us. You have to admit – when the Milky Way advert hits your screen, you somehow manage to remember the words to sing along. But does it really make you want to go and purchase a Milky Way? Let’s be honest, they haven’t left the shelves in the past ten years, so does it take for an old fashioned advert to reappear in order to get you to notice them again in your local shop?

I for one, am slightly sceptical, and wonder if the potential explanation for this resurgence in old advertisements does just come down to the good old credit crunch? Could it be that big brands are desperately trying to increase sales, and just simply cannot afford to invest in a new advert?

With old packaging back on our shelves (Starburst back to Opal Fruits, and Snickers back to Marathon), old bands reforming (Take That, Spandau Ballet and Pet Shop Boys) old fashioned products coming back to life (remember Wispa Gold?!), and even old fashioned clothes now making a comeback, with the new title ‘vintage’, you have to wonder if we have actually moved on in the last 20 years, or are we simply just heading back to the 80’s? They were after all the best years…

Nevertheless, however cynical I may be, it has to be said that whilst many companies may just be cleverly cutting costs to increase sales, it does seem to be working! The amount of national and broadcast publicity surrounding these recent reformations, reinventions and returns really has been immense, hitting the headlines at every possible opportunity! It really does seem like the olden days are the way to go!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Has Twitter finally landed on cloud Cuckoo!

Surely not... but it’s true; a top London university has added a new degree to it’s existing offerings, a “Twitter degree”!

"It's not another Mickey Mouse course," insists tutor Jon Hickman, of Birmingham City University. So does this actually identify how education is moving with the times and is ahead of the game understanding how social media is actually a respectable form of further education and occupational development, along side professions such as doctors, lawyers, and solicitors?

Has social media become less of just a social medium and actually developed into a professional skill? There are many thoughts and opinions on this, all that can be said is with this being mentioned and talked about all over Facebook, Twitter and blogs world wide – is a degree necessary if everyone can do it already!

Happy June 19th

Today is the happiest day of the year – apparently. A ‘scientific’ study has revealed that Friday 19th June is the best date in the calendar due to a number of contributing factors – the outdoors (O), nature (N), social interaction (S), childhood memories of summer (CPM), temperature (T) and holidays (HE).

Want to know how it was calculated? Then follow carefully:
O + (N x S) + Cpm/T + He
Get it? Good.

But does it really take a scientist to tell us that we’re going to be happiest on a summer’s day - especially a Friday - when the sun is shining, evenings are longer and lighter and we can enjoy drinks with friends in beer gardens? I think not. So is the formula genuine or is it a coincidence that the research was commissioned by Dr Cliff Arnall from the Feelconsultancy.com happiness clinics? Either way, the research has received widespread coverage this morning including national newspapers and GMTV and I for one am going to go along with it.

So will you have something to smile about today? I hope so. Happy Friday…

Thursday, 18 June 2009

And Talking of Meerkats...

Meet Aleksandr Orlov. I absolutely love this little fella. Aleksandr is a meerkat, and is fast becoming an icon. Unless you've been on the moon for the last few months, you'll probably have seen his TV advertising to try and stop the confusion between his own website (comparethemeerkat.com) and a similar but entirely different website that sells insurance (comparethemarket.com). Like Aleksandr says in his east European drawl, the site “has been specials designed for easy way of comparing meerkats. If you are looking for cheap deal on car insurance, you go comparethemarket.com.”

So why do I love Aleksandr so much? Well, putting a personal love of meerkats aside for one moment (I even had one adopted for me at one time), the comparethemeerkat marketing campaign is one of the most innovative and unique ideas I’ve seen in a very long time. I’m in awe of the person who first came up with the concept, but what really makes the campaign work is the execution. For a start, who decided the meerkat in question was going to be Russian and wear a smoking jacket? And it’s clever too, as careful interrogation of the ad (it’s my job, OK?!) reveals that the emphasis is always carefully placed on the comparethemarket.com URL rather than its meerkat counterpart.

But comparethemeerkat is so much more than just an advertising campaign and has grown as its popularity has increased. There is a fully functioning website at www.comparethemeerkat.com where you can (obviously...) compare meerkats and, interestingly, this has the same Google pagerank as www.comparethemarket.com, suggesting that it gains a huge number of visitors and an equally impressive number of websites and blogs linking to it. It has great touches, such as the ‘welcome internet peoples’ message, voiceover on its homepage and the biography of Aleksandr. And cleverly, it also redirects you to comparethemarket.com after a few minutes of browsing, but in a very polite and unassuming way. It has also made significant roads into the social media landscape, with a Facebook page with nearly half a million fans, a wonderful Twitter feed that really engages with people, and numerous videos on YouTube, including out-takes. There are also ringtones, downloads, jingles and a fantastic family album on Flickr.

So I take my Cossack off not only to the people who came up with the idea and turned a concept into a fantastic campaign, but also to comparethemarket.com for being open to what at first must have seemed crazy, for being prepared to do something different, and for having fun with their brand. For inventive marketings example, go comparethemeerkat.com. Simples!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

H&M continue to drive footfall into stores

You have to give them credit. H&M know women and how to tempt them into their stores to spend lots of cash! In the past they have collaborated with Stella McCartney, Matthew Williamson, Roberto Cavalli, Viktor & Rolf - even Kylie Minogue and Madonna - but now H&M have secured perhaps the most exciting High Street collaboration of them all. The fashion retailer today announced that their next designer collaboration will be with British accessory giant Jimmy Choo.

The world-famous brand - loved by Jessica Parker's character Carrie in Sex and The City - will be designing a range shoes and bags for H&M, as well as a line of women's clothing that will be designed to match the accessories.

With Jimmy Choo shoes usually selling in excess of £400 and bags over £1,000, the more affordable H&M collection, on sale from November 14 in 200 stores across the world, is likely to create mass hysteria among shoppers! If you thought the chaos associated with a new IKEA store was bad - you aint seen nothing yet!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

BBC may lose licence fee money to ITV and Channel 4

As the visual media industry grows, their budgets are actually declining, ever increasing desire for the large corporations to find new incomes to fund their productions. However for ITV and Channel 4 this may not be a case of looking for it, as opposed to ‘it comes knocking’. A government report released today by Lord Carter is expected to call for £100million of the licence fee to fund regional news programming on ITV. It is also set to recommend a merger between Channel 4 and the corporation's commercial arm.

With the BBC inevitably fighting this decision – is this really the worst thing to happen for the BBC? With the internet taking over and piracy rapidly increasing; two brains are better than one to fight back and stay ahead of the game. Could three of the leading broadcasters part joining in force endeavor to create a greater product of broadcast than we have ever seen before?

Using other resources and venturing down other avenues to increase your knowledge and forward thinking is not an option any more, it’s a necessity for any business to progress and stay ahead in their field. We have recognised this through our new initiative launched earlier this year called Retailer Inner Cirkle, an scheme that sees us working closely with retailers to develop our Insight knowledge that coincides in offering our clients with ground breaking new insights into what their customers really want from them. Thinking outside the box can really reap the awards!

United Steal Madrid's PR Thunder

Even in the over-inflated world of super-rich football clubs, £80 million is a lot of cash. So when it emerged last week that Spanish giants Real Madrid were prepared to pay Manchester United such a huge sum to secure the services of one Cristiano Ronaldo, everyone sat up and took note. Especially given that Madrid had just splashed out another world record-breaking £56 million to take Brazilian playmaker Kaka to the Bernabeu.

But other than the astonishing fee, what was really interesting about this transfer was the way it was announced. In virtually every other transfer that takes place in the footballing world, it is the buying club that announces the deal and shouts about it to the media. Even before the official announcement, rumours are leaked to the press, with the selling club strenuously denying that any such activity is taking place. Ronaldo himself was at the centre of such speculation last summer, leading United manager Alex Ferguson to say of Madrid: “Do you think I would get into a contract with that mob? Absolutely no chance."

Fast forward a year, however, and it was United that broke the news of Ronaldo’s impending transfer on its website, which is almost as unheard of as paying £80 million for one player. In a move specifically devised to steal the PR initiative and hand media power to United rather than Madrid, the club usurped journalists the world over by announcing that it had received a world-record, unconditional offer, that the club had given Real Madrid permission to talk to Ronaldo, and that it would not comment until matters had been concluded.

So although Real Madrid may have stolen United's prize asset, at least United have come out top in a long-standing PR battle between the clubs. Shall we call it a draw?

Monday, 15 June 2009

I'm Loving It!

Wrong burger brand I know but what a fantastic PR stunt by Burger King to launch Flame, the supposed scent of seduction which smells like flame-grilled beef. This cologne goes on sale in Selfridges today with the non meaty price tag of £4.99.

I say that but I’m hoping that this is more of a PR stunt than a carefully thought out new product development! For most women I know the smell of a burger is not something that boosts their libido but something that has the opposite effect, particularly when their other half rolls in at 2.00am in the morning stinking of takeaway and beer.

Despite cynicism that this a real product launch as opposed to just a PR campaign, Burger King has received substantial coverage across today’s national media the majority of which has responded positively to the news. This is the latest in a long line of successful campaigns for the brand which included ‘Whopper Sacrifice’ a promotional campaign which encouraged consumers to sacrifice friends from their Facebook page in return for redemption vouchers. It also reinforces that these types of PR stunts do work when executed well. And what better piece of prime British rump to launch the campaign than our very own home grown Piers Morgan?

My verdict: Flaming brilliant!

Tuna - It's A Fishy Business!

If the current economic climate wasn’t ‘fishy’ enough, the latest hype around the fishing of tuna just made things a whole lot worse. With bluefin tuna reported to be on the brink of extinction, many of us will now be forced to reconsider our favourite sushi order, or worse still our sandwich fillers? Just as we had begun making our credit crunch lunch from scratch to save a penny or two, a spanner has now been thrown into the works!

On the upside, at least now we won’t have to spend hours trying to rid our hands of the unpleasant fish oil odour commonly associated with tuna! If the Daily Mirror’s Great British sandwich poll, judged by the Earl of Sandwich is anything to go by, apparently we’ll all soon be loading our bread with stilton & grape anyway, so tuna shouldn’t be too much of a loss to our appetite. Last week hundreds of weird and wonderful recipes were sent in from readers, each
suggesting inspiring sandwich fillers to tickle the nation’s taste buds. Other unusual favourites included marmite and chips – a modern twist on the traditional chip butty! So in the absence of tuna filler never fear – apparently more finger licking sandwich suggestions are now here!

If only there was a shortage of marmite. We can but dream…

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Montagne Jeunesse Hits the West End

Our communications platform for fun and fabulous face masque brand Montagne Jeunesse is Life’s Little Pleasures, and with a trip to the theatre being top of many peoples’ pleasure lists, Cirkle Body + Soul decided to approach theatre companies to find Montagne Jeunesse the perfect partner. And we did just that - Hairspray the Musical!

One of Britain's most current shows, its sassy good time tone has proved to be an excellent association, made even sweeter by the fact that neither party has exchanged money! Instead, Cirkle instigated a contra-deal where each benefitted from the other.

And so, due to us, Montagne Jeunesse is the 'official pampering partner' of Hairspray The Musical. Among the excellent opportunities that have arisen from this, a limited edition bespoke Hairspray The Musical face masque has been produced, and an on-pack promotion with a money can’t buy prize provided by Hairspray The Musical drives customers to the Montagne Jeunesse website (pictured below).

Hairspray The Musical also promotes the association on its own website, and top price tickets to see the show are being used for retailer and sales incentives, internal communications and corporate hospitality. A full sampling programme is underway to cast and crew in the theatre, and Montagne Jeunesse have been mingling with the stars, with Brian Conley being annoucned as the new cross-dressing star of the show, Edna Turnblad. Cast members also created plenty of noise at the Montagne Jeunesse Clothes Show stand, resulting in brilliant exposure on YouTube and other fan sites.

And there's more! To maximize the partnership, we'll be inviting a selection of key beauty press to see the show courtesy of Montagne Jeunesse, we’ll be shouting about it to the trade press and producing a consumer press release full of top pampering tips from the cast of the show – even Brian Conley!

By Invitation Only...

Monday 8th June was a big night for Cirkle Body & Soul as we launched two new innovative products for Remington…with a little bit of help from Beyonce!

We recommended that Remington move away from the typical press launch format, combine two product launches to maximize budget, and hijack an existing event that would have huge appeal to the beauty press. Beyonce’s "I am…Sasha Fierce" tour at the 02 Arena seemed the perfect choice and so far the strategy has paid off, with an extremely well-attended event for 46 people including 27 of Britain’s top beauty press and Remington VIP guests.

Invitees were welcomed on board a boat for a champagne cruise up the Thames to the 02 where the new products were revealed via bespoke videos and a ‘play area’, where they could try out the products and ask any questions. Then it was Beyonce’s turn to strut her stuff and light up the stage as journalists from Glamour, Cosmo, Fabulous, Stella and The Sunday Times got down with the Diva of all Divas in one of two extremely exclusive private VIP boxes.

A truly memorable night for all!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Gordon F's Up

As Gordon Ramsey is publicly lambasted by the Australian Prime Minister as being a "new form of lowlife" you have to wonder if Mr Ramsey’s recent attempts to draw attention to himself and publicise his new Melbourne based restaurant have backfired somewhat!

Following an interview with one of Australia’s favourite chat show hosts, Tracy Grimshaw, Ramsey repeatedly subjected her to his trademark ‘humour’, examples of which included insinuating she was a lesbian and later likening her to a pig. Tracy has since described him as an "arrogant narcissist" in a direct rebuke on her show.

Us Brits know Gordon Ramsey and can see a mile off that this was a PR exercise designed to bring attention to both himself and his new venture, however it doesn’t seem to have had the desired effect on the Aussies! Ramsey has since apologised through a spokesman saying "with hindsight" his comments were inappropriate.

What remains to be seen is whether this PR stunt gone wrong will spell disaster for his Melbourne restaurant.