Tuesday, 16 June 2009

BBC may lose licence fee money to ITV and Channel 4

As the visual media industry grows, their budgets are actually declining, ever increasing desire for the large corporations to find new incomes to fund their productions. However for ITV and Channel 4 this may not be a case of looking for it, as opposed to ‘it comes knocking’. A government report released today by Lord Carter is expected to call for £100million of the licence fee to fund regional news programming on ITV. It is also set to recommend a merger between Channel 4 and the corporation's commercial arm.

With the BBC inevitably fighting this decision – is this really the worst thing to happen for the BBC? With the internet taking over and piracy rapidly increasing; two brains are better than one to fight back and stay ahead of the game. Could three of the leading broadcasters part joining in force endeavor to create a greater product of broadcast than we have ever seen before?

Using other resources and venturing down other avenues to increase your knowledge and forward thinking is not an option any more, it’s a necessity for any business to progress and stay ahead in their field. We have recognised this through our new initiative launched earlier this year called Retailer Inner Cirkle, an scheme that sees us working closely with retailers to develop our Insight knowledge that coincides in offering our clients with ground breaking new insights into what their customers really want from them. Thinking outside the box can really reap the awards!

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