Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Has true loyalty been left in the past…!

Dimension Films has acquired the remake rights to An American Werewolf in London, John Landis' groundbreaking horror-comedy from 1981. Over the last few years remake after remake have hit our screens from ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’, ‘Get Carter’ to ‘King Kong’ to name a few. It’s become very noticeable how the film industry has recognised how investing in good ideas from the past can actually be very financially beneficial.

It’s not just the film industry stepping back in time, it’s also brands. Large international brands are re-launching their products using their old ideas, packaging and advertising in an effort to regain the consumers’ attention and loyalty. In the climate of the recession it’s ‘every brand for themselves’ to get noticed and be the one that gets put in the basket, it’s all down to price and brand loyalty. One brand most recently reusing its old advertising is Milky Way, airing their cartoon car TV advert this week. The old classic advert naturally takes you back to the past and to your younger years and memories, often bringing a smile to your face and so creating the essence of loyalty to the brand and that comforting feeling, this being every brands ultimate goal!

Another brand stepping back in time earlier this year was Monster Munch, going back to their roots and reinstating their three colourful cartoon monsters featuring on all advertising and packaging. With proven profits benefiting these brands and their companies I can guarantee we will be seeing many more old favourites coming back with opening arms!

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