Friday, 26 June 2009

It’s official…we all love a good pampering session

We, the Cirkle body+soul team, commissioned a survey into Life’s Little Pleasures on behalf of our face masque client, Montagne Jeunesse, with some very interesting results. Fittingly, pampering scored highly in the poll with a soak in the bath coming out as our top pampering pleasure, followed closely by a massage from our partner and then colouring our hair at home.

Top 5 Pampering Pleasures
1. Soak in the bath
2. Massage from partner
3. Colouring hair
4. Waxing legs
5. Shaping eyebrows

It may seem unusual that beauty regimes such as hair colouring, leg waxing and eyebrow shaping are listed as ‘pampering’ treats, but to me this is just a sign of the time poor society we live in and that these things that are normally viewed as beauty chores, are now seen as a treat in relation to having the time to do. This is reinforced by the fact that three quarters of us wish we had more time for pampering.

We also revealed that Sunday is the day we go for an all out beauty blitz and that we’re a nation of body moisturising neglecters!

Top 5 most neglected beauty treats
1. Body moisturising
2. Painting nails
3. Exfoliating
4. Skincare routine
5. Face masques

Did you know that 80% of women are unhappy with their skin? Well it’s no wonder we’re concerned, men and women both stated that the face was the most important factor in attracting the opposite sex. So get your face masques at the ready people!

And who are our favourite pamper princesses? Cheryl Cole most definitely has the Xfactor and won the vote for our top beauty icon 2009. Jennifer Anniston flies the flag for the US at number 2 with voluptuous Holly Willoughby skating in at 3rd position.

Top 5 Beauty Icons of 2009
1. Cheryl Cole
2. Jennifer Anniston
3. Holly Willoughby
4. Angelina Jolie
5. Kate Winslet

We also discovered that women prefer to indulge on their own however, if they were to share their pampering treat with a celeb Cheryl Cole would be the top celeb of choice followed by funny lady Dawn French and Fern Britton. Men on the other hand are more than happy to share their pampering sessions and their no.1 celeb pampering partner is David Beckham!

The power of the celebrity has again been demonstrated as these celeb stats caught the eye of the Press Association and have subsequently been picked up by over 130 national and regional newspapers and websites.

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