Monday, 29 June 2009

Michael Jackson – A True Legend

On Thursday 25th June at 2.36pm US local time, reports began to flood through that Michael Jackson, King of Pop had died of a suspected heart attack, at the age of 50, in Los Angeles’ UCLA Medical Centre.

Whilst tearful fans gathered outside the hospital, news spread fast as the whole world came to a complete standstill, including Google which ground to a halt due to an overwhelming level of traffic.

Ever since, newspapers have dismissed all other headline news, adorning their front pages and majority of the inner spreads to the music legend himself. Weekend national papers all came complete with a complementary tribute supplement, whilst OK! dedicated an entire magazine to celebrate the life of the King.

Glastonbury geared up to pay tribute to the star with celebrities including Lily Allen sporting his trademark white glove during her performance. Other artists at the Somerset music festival showed their support by performing a number of cover versions of his greatest hits over the weekend.

However, as the world mourns the loss of a true music legend, let us not forget how fickle these so called ‘fans’ and reporters were in his real time of need. In previous years, the newspapers have been less kind to the star, reporting on his repeated cosmetic surgery, dramatic physical transformation, baby dangling antics, not to mention a decade of child abuse claims. Whilst the nation claims to be experiencing a huge loss, we must ask ourselves if these ‘fans’ and journalists were such true supporters during the negative press which Michael was continuously subjected to?

Was it in fact these journalists and ‘fans’ that caused the legend so much grief, which ultimately led to the development of serious health issues?
In the words of Uri Geller, “perhaps Michael was the way he was because he just never had the chance to experience a proper childhood, hence his ongoing strive to relive his youth?”

However no matter what extent of negative press Michael was subjected to over the years, currently the focus seems to be on the great songs that he produced, and the outstanding charitable contributions that he made. So I guess the question we must ask ourselves is; does it really take for a celebrity to die for the public to remember the good that they did?

Not forgetting Jade Goody who faced ongoing media backlash in the press following her unruly behaviour on both Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. That was until she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and heralded a true ‘hero’...

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