Tuesday, 28 July 2009

All Just A Load of Pants…

So in case you haven’t heard, the latest must have item to hit our streets are pants!...very hot pants at that!

The knickers costing up to £30 a pair, use a form of crystal to heat the skin and melt cellulite. Just what we ladies need!!

But the question is do they really work?

Those of you who pay attention to adverts and magazines will know that the female species is inundated on a regular basis with various gadgets, underwear and exercise techniques in order to banish cellulite. I for one have often fallen victim to the majority of these suggestions, having purchased a number of products, all of which came with a hefty price tag, only to discover very few results!

Yes, I stood for ten minutes every morning and night for a whole month rubbing Bliss Fat Girl Sleep into my thighs, and let me tell you….nothing!

So could this latest initiative be just another cruel ploy to entice us into stores under the false illusion that our cellulite could actually be eradicated just by sporting a pair of rather unattractive pants for a month?

If they don’t work, do the chiefs at John Lewis have a refund policy in place, or will they simply be hiding under their desks, calculating the profits they have made thanks to the nation who were foolish enough to believe that the latest hype could actually work?

What do you think? Worth a go, or just a whole load of pants?

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