Monday, 20 July 2009

Half Blood Prince is no Half Attempt!

I for one have been a dedicated Harry Potter fan since the start, back in 2001 when the unknown JK Rowling appeared from nowhere, and released her first ever book; Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Whilst some lesser fans have criticised the films’ ability to transform our favourite novels from page to screen, I have always long awaited the sequel, and never to this day been disappointed.

So having taken 3 hours out of my Sunday afternoon to view the latest movie, I can tell you that it was in no way a let down!
Since the Harry Potter hype began, each new film has been heralded as the darkest one to date, however the Half-Blood Prince really is sinister throughout, with the occasional hair raising moments! Right from the start, when sooty-black Death Eaters soar through London’s skies, destroying the Millennium Bridge in the process, it is evident that there is much doom and gloom to follow…

As always, the film manages to bring every minor, creative detail to life, in this case Fred and George’s Weasley’s Whizzard Wheezes joke shop which leaves nothing to the imagination!

If the film release wasn’t enough of a hype in its own right, the cast members’ attempt to put the awful British weather aside and brace the crowds at their premiere last week was more than admirable. Poor Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe were soaked to the core, but still managed to put on a brave face and take the time to meet their adoring fans on their way in. Professional through and through…

So whilst the cast continue to revel in the films, fully immersing themselves into the roles required, we will of course wait with baited breath for the final two films that are shortly due to follow. But one thing is for sure – the PR activity conducted around the film for the last few months has certainly helped to create the anticipation the film so rightly deserved.

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