Monday, 13 July 2009

Ryanair Joins The Credit Crunch!

Ryanair boss, Michael O'Leary has insisted that efforts to cut costs on the airline will now mean that passengers will be asked to pay a pound to spend a penny as he confirmed plans to charge for toilets within two years.

The chief executive of Europe's largest budget carrier said the airline would generate extra revenues by removing two out of the three toilets on its Boeing 737-800 jets and filling the space with up to six seats. If that wasn’t bad enough, the low-cost airline also plans to charge passengers less by creating an area of "bar stools" with seat belts that passengers could sit at throughout the flight. So for those of you that thought Ryanair economy seats were as economy as you can get…think again!

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, the no frills airline has decided to make passengers carry their own luggage all the way to the plane! So you can forget freeing up your hands at check in to allow you to carry bag loads of duty free… Going forward you will be required to lug your suitcases through security departure lounges and even to the foot of the aeroplane where it will then be loaded on for you.

Oddly enough, Ryanair believes that this latest move will help to avoid waiting at the carousel, and reduce the number of bags which go missing each year. However, as a consumer, I’m not so sure how eager I am to test out the alternative?

In light of the current financial climate, these latest cost saving attempts by Ryanair are a sure fire way to encourage passengers to spend their summers at home. So much for trying to entice us to travel afar in spite of our limited budget! But if their outrageous credit crunch suggestions weren’t enough to detract us from flying abroad, the Government’s latest plans to increase the cost of passport renewals by more than £5 should certainly help put the final nail in the coffin!

For an airline looking to increase its number of passengers via a series of economising techniques, it does make me wonder if the associated negative publicity will really help them to achieve that? Happy Holidays!

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