Thursday, 20 August 2009

Am I A Beardist?

Being a member of the fairer sex I don’t often ponder about facial hair. But prompted by September’s Tacheback charity campaign, which Cirkle’s being working on for Remington, I’ve recently noticed a resurgence of cool beardy bands – Fleet Foxes, Kings of Leon (pictured) – and I find myself wondering what facial furniture says about a man.

To many men a beard says ‘I’m on holiday and can’t be bothered to shave’, but to some it’s a statement of individuality. This beard wearer is creative, he wants to be different, he’s not a corporate suit, he’s a free spirit – many things I find attractive in a man, but the beard, to be honest, would put me off. And yet, I actually can’t think of anything more manly than a man with a beard.

And then there’s that issue of trust, do men with chin hair have something to hide? Or does it just add to their mystery? I think ultimately, as with most things, it comes down to the grooming. A well groomed piece of facial fur belongs to a man that man looks after himself, he knows his own mind and you can be certain you won’t find yesterdays lunch hiding in it or any wildlife that you could imagine residing in a Bellamy bush.

Would I want to be up close and personal with a beard? I don’t think so, but truth be told, if I was a man, I would wear one. But it would be an immaculate specimen that I’d trim obsessively, and having seen Remington’s new Navigator Groomer in action as part of Cirkle’s ongoing PR campaign, I have to say I’d use that! I’d look after my facial hair carefully, stroke it often in quiet contemplation and be proud of the fact that I was man enough to not only to be able to grow it but also to wear it!

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