Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Burger buns at the ready!

A blazing burger backlash is brewing as McDonalds is apparently going to be the only food sponsor permitted branding in and around the Olympic stadium and other key venues. While recognising the need for major corporate backing and sponsorship with such a large scale undertaking it’s hard to see the synergy between a fast food chain and an event that’s supposed to celebrate sporting prowess while motivating and inspiring people to become more active and lead healthier lifestyles. At a time when issues surrounding healthy eating, obesity, food provenance and sustainability are all key and under the constant media spotlight, do the Olympic committee think that this sponsorship is really appropriate? It’s a bit like Texaco sponsoring Greenpeace or Benson and Hedges supporting a cancer charity! Aside from that does this partnership really showcase the best of British cuisine and culture? The UK has a wealth of world renowned restaurants that we should be promoting along with home grown produce and culture. Rather than having one major sponsor maybe the Olympics should have provided an opportunity for lots of business to get involved, boost the economy and really support best of British! The negative media surrounding this deal just goes to show that sponsorship, advertising and charity partnerships only work when there is synergy and appropriateness. The consumer is cannier than ever and will see through poorly thought out associations to such an extent that it could actually have a negative impact on the brand image and reputation.

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