Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Oxo Takes Stock With Relaunch!

Here at Cirkle we are big fans of iconic food brands, so it was great for us to be involved in this week’s big story – the relaunch of Oxo stock cubes! Premier Foods, the makers of Oxo, have reshaped the cubes as an ‘X’ for a limited time whilst they run a campaign to find the next Oxo family for their TV adverts, and it has really captured the interest of the nation in the last few days.
The brilliantly named Oxo Factor will encourage families or groups of friends to make their own adverts, five of which will be shown on TV this autumn, with the winning ad running during the X Factor final. The ‘X’ shaped cube is a fantastic link with the campaign and has proved to be a great publicity tool!

When we placed the story in The Grocer on Saturday, we were expecting that the consumer press might be interested, but even we didn’t anticipate the pick up – eight major newspapers plus Sky News ran the story on Sunday and Monday! The Mail ran almost a full page and the Mirror turned the story into a focus on other relaunches. We eventually ended up driving the equivalent of almost £75,000 of press coverage from what was originally a trade story.

The story received a number of reactions – some thought it was a great, exciting rebrand, whist others have questioned if it ain’t broke, why fix it? What we can all agree on is that the ‘X’ cubes have driven a huge amount of publicity for a classic British brand… hopefully a huge amount of sales will now follow!

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