Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Shock and Horror over the £40m jewel heist…

But for me it’s not because of the crime, it’s because of the £3m price tag for one of the missing watches!

The news is dominated with the story of brazen robbers who yesterday carried out Britain's biggest gems heist, seizing £40 million worth of jewels from Graff in Mayfair but what caught my attention was how much this single watch contributed to the total haul.

What a reckless waste of money this is! Even if I had a bank balance to rival the Sultan of Brunei I would be reluctant to wear a £3m watch. In a time where people die of starvation every day this just seems like a sickening way to spend your money – buy a house, buy an Island, buy a private jet if you must - I can just about get my head around that (though I will still confess to being a bit envious) but not a watch!

On a lighter note that struck, the other thing that struck me about the story is the get-away vehicle…a Ford Galaxy. It seems even gem robbers go for reliability and durability.

Video of heist

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