Friday, 7 August 2009

Swings and Roundabouts

In line with the continued debate surrounding the nutritional value of organic foods when compared with conventionally produced foods, well respected baby food brand Hipp Organic has identified that the criteria used in the latest report by the FSA failed to address a number of studies which indicated the significant difference of organic foods, in addition to the wider benefits that organic farming and foods are guaranteed to deliver.

A number of journalists have picked up on this fuelled debate; one journalist commented that she was fed up with the contents of her organic food box turning limp after only a few days, so opted to purchase conventional fruit and vegetables instead in a bid to keep her food fresher for longer. Although in this instance, it might be worth considering the significant level of chemicals which our fruit and veg must be sprayed with in order to keep them well preserved!?

Another news reporter agreed that home made food is far better than something purchased in a jar, but have these journalists taken into account that homemade food is still made utilising produce which has been heavily reinforced?

So as the debate continues, whilst it may not be as beneficial for adults to consume organic foods, Hipp has commented how vital it is that babies are not exposed to harmful pesticides at such an early stage in their development. Choosing to wean them organically will reduce their exposure to harmful toxins and give them the best start.

If concerned parents spend so much time and financial investment in creating the safest environment for our little ones, including the furniture we display in our homes, the clothes we dress them in, the toys they play with, and the products we use on their skin, should be not be spending more time thinking about the foods we are putting into their little bodies?

I have no doubts that the debate over the benefits of ‘organic foods’ will continue for years to come, in the same way that the health benefits of wine is constantly under scrutiny; one minute it’s good for us, the next it’s not….so as someone who is fully in favour of organic, I shall wait for the latest installment in this game of swings and roundabouts.

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