Friday, 28 August 2009

Thelondonpaper: RIP

I for one was deeply saddened last week, to hear of the closure of one of London’s free sheets, thelondonpaper. Now whilst I admit, I am not as avid a commuter in the big smoke as I used to be, ever since it was launched on 1st July 2006, I have always enjoyed perusing through its pages during my time spent on the London underground.
Whether it be a restaurant review, latest fashion news, what’s on in London, or even the humorous ‘Gay about Town’ column, I found thelondonpaper to be a delightful read full of engaging articles, original columns, and what’s more, different to all of the other papers on offer. Thelondonpaper had style, pizzazz, a flair for being slightly cooler than the rest, alongside an equally entertaining website! You could even class them as the ‘trendsetter’ of the group.
Whilst a number of commuters often complained about the ink which came off on your hands (despite the fact that it made it better for recycling!), opting to read competing title the London Lite instead, I often took great pleasure in flashing my londonpaper at the London Lite distributors, as they tried to wrestle the men in purple to the ground in a bid to fling their offerings in my face. I took pride in my choice, knowing that the paper I held so tightly in my hand, was a fashion statement – one to be proud to wear!
Sadly this is not the first publication of its kind to fall victim to a failing economy, but as the saying goes, they probably won’t be the last either. As a big fan of thelondonpaper, I will be very sad not to witness the sea of purple on the streets of London anymore. Disappointed not to be rugby tackled to the ground as the two distributors go head to head in vying for my attention. And hugely disheartened to sit on the train without my favourite accessory in hand.
Wishing all of those who worked at thelondonpaper a huge congratulations for all of the hard work, blood, sweat and tears that they invested over the last two years. Your paper will be sorely missed by many…

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