Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Has The Sun Set on the Labour Party?

The front page of The Sun newspaper today declares ‘Labour’s Lost It’ and states the withdrawal of its support for the current Government amongst accusations of a catalogue of failures including crime, healthcare and, top of everybody’s list, public spending. So should Gordy B and the Labour Government be scared?

Yes, definitely. But not because The Sun dictates the electoral outcome of the UK - I think the UK public should be given more credit than that. Yes, The Sun is the UK’s highest circulation newspaper and no doubt it does have a certain amount of influence on its audience. However, I would suggest that it is reacting more to turning public opinion rather than shaping it. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to be on the winning team?

There have been more than enough indications that the political tide is turning and various polls to substantiate this. Although I have total admiration for Sarah Brown, her speech at yesterday’s Labour Party Conference to me smacked of desperation and reaffirmed that the Government is in serious trouble. Who really cares whether Gordon Brown is dedicated, loving and loyal when there are so many more important issues to be debated, and is the political stage the right place for his wife to be discussing how much she loves her husband rather than debating these important issues?

I’m sure this was a carefully planned PR strategy to show Gordon Brown’s more human side, but for me it had the opposite effect of a weakened Prime Minister hiding behind a wife who is known to be more popular with the electorate. So will The Sun dictate the forthcoming election? I would say no, but they may have backed the right horse in the closing stages.

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