Monday, 7 September 2009

Poppadom anyone???

So I am all in favour of tributes – a singer that sings/writes a song in honour of a loved one who has passed or an author who dedicates their book to someone – this is a wonderful and poignant way of remembering someone important to you and ensuring their memory lives on.

However tributes apparently takes on a completely different meaning if you are Shilpa Shetty. This week she has launched her own range of ready meals – complete with poppadoms dedicated to the recently departed Jade Goody.
The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant plans to give away Shilpa's poppadoms with her curries - the name Jade famously called her when they were on the reality show together.
The remarks made by the Goody, who died of cancer in March, sparked the Big Brother race row which engulfed the nation back in 2007.
Now like most people out there I was never Jade’s biggest fan, but was terribly saddened by her death, however this ‘dedication’ if you can call it that is a self gratifying farce if ever there was one.

The ‘Poppadom’ scandal ensured there was never much love lost between the Bollywood star and the ex-Big Brother contestant so to ride on the back of such a tragedy to promote her ready meal range just makes a mockery of Jade’s memory and Shilpa herself.

Shilpa is reported to have said she admitted the name brought back memories but said it was supposed to be ‘light hearted’ and “it also reiterates the fact that we completely buried the hatchet. God bless her soul.”

Now as PR’s we all know as cynical as it sounds that riding on the back of something that caused or attracted media attention cant help but attract media attention for your own campaign but this takes it to a whole new level.

Lets just hope out of all of this she is giving some of the profits from her so called Jade dedicated range towards Cancer Research, giving this campaign at least a shred of credibility.

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