Monday, 9 November 2009

Simon Cow- ard???

So is it rigged, did Simon Cowell feels his own acts were being threatened by Lucy’s talent or is he just a plain and simple wimp?

Lucie Jones’ shock exit from X Factor last night has created widespread speculation and horror not only at the fact that such a talented singer has been ejected from the competition when the entirely talentless Jedward remain but at the gutless way Simon had the opportunity to boot out the ‘horrific” twosome (his words not mine) but instead wimped out and put it down to the public vote.

All the way through this years competition Simon has ranted about the fact X Factor is a ‘singing competition’ but yet his actions didn’t reflect his words when faced with the seemingly easy choice of choosing either the highly talented and gorgeous Lucie Jones or the terrible out of tune and laughable twins. And so is it any coincidence that the twins have been talked about in every newspapers since the live shows began, is Simon just worried the show’s free PR would leave as they do??

Who should we blame for this travesty – Simon for not following his convictions, or us, the public for apparently continuously voting for this ridiculous act?

Personally I think the answer is both. Simon has lost all credibility for doing this and has clearly voted for ratings and publicity over talent and not only that didn’t even have the bottle to do it publicly. For a media mogul such as Mr Cowell, a man who has the responsibility of making or crushing the hopes and dreams of contestants every week, it really is a disgraceful decision.

And as for the public, well what can I say – what are you all doing?? If you really want to hear those two talentless twins on the radio for the next year then keep voting the way you are… or if you would rather someone with actual talent wins then please, please stop voting for them!!!

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  1. Pretty good PR for The X Factor though, eh? Negative coverage or not, what's the betting that a) viewing figures will shoot up on Saturday and b) so will votes (i.e. ££££) to get rid of deadwood Jedwood.
    I think Simon - pretty cleverly - realises that now these two are actually in the bottom too, their time on the show is nearly up. And by doing what he did he got X Factor column inches like you wouldn't believe, he got the competition (i.e. Lucy) out of the way, and odds are this whole furore will put Jedwood back in the bottom 2 this week. When they will go.
    He's a clever man, and it's all good PR...