Friday, 25 June 2010

Is email going out of office?

So here is an interesting theory for you… Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, sparked a raft of digital discussion with her bold statement that email "is probably going away."

The argument is this – social networking sight and SMS services will overtake email, with only 11% of teens using email and preferring this more interactive way of communicating, and with these teens soon to be entering the business world, will the relied upon email die a death?

Sandberg is not alone in her theory either plenty of bloggers, digital experts and theorist all claim the demise of email is nigh.

Now I for one am a huge fan of both social networks and SMS services and use them both personally and at work, there is nothing quite like that instant response and interactivity. However, would I ever find myself in a place where it replaced my use of email? I honestly don’t believe so, not in the business world anyway. The security of having that email trail, of being able to copy in relevant individuals and forward it on is a priceless commodity and one I don’t think we can do without in business.

So what are your thoughts - is email really finished?

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