Thursday, 15 July 2010

Boring gets kitsch, then massclusivity hits

Ah, the rise of the humble cupcake – previously the preserve of school hall ‘Bring & Buy’ sales and the local village fete… a small piece of dried-out sponge in a flimsy cupcake case that featured Christmas mistletoe designs, and all housed in a sweaty tin full of crumb remnants of cupcakes gone by.

My how far it’s come…. having recently endured a frenzy of positive media coverage and getting a new lease of life through appearances in the likes of Sex And The City, the humble cupcake became kitsch. Reinventing itself in gorgeous technicolour with mouthwatering flavours, a menagerie of pastel hued frostings and cutesy mini-topping decorations meant it has begun making guest-of-honour appearances at A-lister weddings and celeb parties.

Listed in Google’s annual zeitgeist list as the ‘fastest rising recipe search’ in December 2009, the cupcake has now evolved from its position of exclusive kitsch in the mid Noughties (when the Hummingbird Bakery brought it to London’s über cool South Ken, Notting Hill and Soho as a treat for London trendoids), to becoming exclusive to the masses.

Now boasting fresh buttercream icing, moist layers and oozing gorgeousness, lickable lips-ness, cupcakes have retained their exclusive/cute appeal even though they are available through the high street. Clinton cards– the card and pressie retailer have done cupcakes brilliantly with which means in this bespoke era, you can personalise your cupcake order from flavour, frosting, decoration and even feature an image or photo of your choice.

So go on, what or who would you have superimposed on your cupcake and who would you send a batch to?

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