Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Festival Marketing

Festival season seems to have become the defining sign that the British summer has well and truly arrived. From June right through to September, you’d be hard pushed to find a weekend where somewhere in the country, some kind of festival (be it music, comedy, literary or film) isn’t going on.

Whether, you’re partial to Glastonbury, Latitude, Edinburgh or even Bestival, there’s no denying that these events, which attract the nation in their masses, present some of the most lucrative marketing opportunities around.

Many festivals are working harder than ever to create tailored opportunities for brands to help them reach their target markets and engage on a personal and practical level. For instance, mobile network Orange’s tie up with Glastonbury this year would have been music to most festival go-ers ears. With their ‘chill and charge’ tent, they created an area where people could go to re-charge their phones (vital when most phone batteries don’t last more than a day of full use) as well as send messages and tweet. Providing this vital service and resulted in a facebook group with nearly 6,000 followers, not to mention numerous tweets on twitter.

One of our very own clients, Remington, have taken the idea one step further this year as they prepare to be official hair partner of the ‘Beauty ‘n’ Beats zone’ at this year’s Big Chill festival in Herefordshire. Providing much needed style to those who are more used to glam-ping rather than camping, the Remington style bar will use the sleekest tools in the business to create festival frizz free hair – and what girl could refuse?!

So, it seems the rule is simple; provide a service that people really want and you can’t go too far wrong. But what service would you really like to see at a festival?

Thoughts please…

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