Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A little taste of Italy…in a sandwich?

There are simply some foods that should never have been invented; deep fried Mars bars, spam and chocolate liqueurs to name a few but I think Tesco has topped these with their latest creation, the lasagne sandwich.

I can definitely see their thinking on this one; lasagne is a classic dish and a firm favourite with Brits so why not transfer that to a sandwich? It’s true that the step from dinner plate to sandwich has been really successful in the past, for example turkey and cranberry is always a favourite around Christmas, the ‘all day breakfast’ often graces the chiller shelves and chicken tikka is a great filler too but this lasagne creation really doesn’t work for me. Lasagne has always been one of those meals that’s homemade and warming, certainly not something I would consider sandwiching between two slices of white bread and eating cold. It just looks soggy and unappealing.

The creator states that her inspiration came from her student days when she found that many foods tasted even better the next day, which in some cases is very true such as curry and pizza, but lasagne? Even so, I would never consider putting my curry or pizza into a sandwich!

This has triggered me to wonder what other creations Tesco may have up their sleeves – the Chinese stir fry sandwich, fish, chips and mushy peas sandwich or even perhaps the mushroom risotto sandwich. I’m penning a letter to Tesco straight after this with my ideas!

It’s never going to win Tesco any awards in finest cuisine or healthy eating but I think they’ll be suitably happy with the column inches and hype they’ve managed to secure with this new NPD, even if their mocked-up packaging was highlighted as having the incorrect nutritional values printed on it! I am very much looking forward to seeing how Tesco can top this one.

What does everyone else think - would you buy the lasagne sandwich? What other meals would you like to see transformed into a sandwich?

Photo credit: Dailymail.co.uk


  1. I am all for the lasagne sandwich, I've been doing it for years! Try it people, it is almost up there with corned beef and potato salad.

  2. I must say, I'd be keen to give it a try! Im ashamed to admit that I'm actually a big fan of cold lasagne the morning after, so would be intrigued to see if the same flavour has been replicated!! On a different note, I would LOVE a fish, chip and mushy peas sandwich!! Write your letter!!!