Thursday, 22 July 2010

A little thought goes a long way…

In the last couple of days, our key journalists have been arriving at work to find an apple tree on their desk courtesy of Copella. It’s a gift that will remind them of their trip to Hampton Court Flower Show and the spectacular garden Copella has there as well as the new Copella Apple & Cherry flavour being launched.Journalists go to so many events it can be difficult to make your news story and event stand out and stick in the mind. Just because you have met them face-to-face and dazzled them with an amazing event doesn’t mean you can kick back, relax and wait for the coverage to start rolling in. One essential is to follow-up after an event with some kind of personal touch so that when the event is over the experience is not forgotten and you get that all important coverage.

Photo credit: GardenOasis, Shoot Gardening

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