Thursday, 12 August 2010

Are you hiding your opinions behind your computer screen?

With the rise in popularity and range of social media platforms available, it seems that everyone I know is part of this phenomenon. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook or blogging, they are all at it.

A recent survey by revealed that two million of British workers spend over an hour a day surfing social me
dia sites. We are a nation obsessed with Tweets and Facebook status updates! I’ve lost count of the times I’ve read Facebook status updates on subjects such as the state of public transport or someone’s rude behaviour, let alone those status’ with hidden messages obviously aimed at a certain person. I wonder if these people would have expressed their opinions if they had to say it in person rather than type it…. has social media become the modern day Speaker’s Corner, giving you the chance to say something you wouldn’t normally say?

The internet is the perfect platform to express those more controversial opinions too – take the Facebook group entitled ‘R.I.P. Raoul Moat You Legend!’ This group made the national news, after attracting more than 35,000 contributions. The page was removed after it came under fire from Prime Minister David Cameron, and just hours later another one was created.

It just goes to show that you will always find someone of the same or similar opinion as you online, no matter how controversial or strange it may be... even if it’s just a Facebook group, a ‘like’ of your Facebook status or a Retweet.

What happened to a good, old fashioned rant or telling people exactly how you feel in person? Are you guilty of bottling up your thoughts and expressing them through your Twitter or Facebook page rather than saying them out loud?

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