Thursday, 19 August 2010

Do you know your Jubilee from your Elsanta?

Nothing says summer like a big, juicy, vibrant red, strawberry. There is nothing like that unique taste, that aroma, that texture…hmmm

But isn’t it disappointing when you get a dud?

Cirkle has spent the last week talking to Jubilee Strawberries and to our surprise, even us foodies, who are arguably well versed in fresh produce with award winning campaigns for Jersey Royal Potatoes, Pink Lady Apples and British Blackcurrants under our belts, were in the dark when it came to picking a perfect punnet – surely just looking out for ‘British’ is enough when it comes to a strawberry?

Did you know there are more than 20 varieties of British strawberries? It seems mind boggling that there could be that much of a difference from one crop to the next – but think about it… does it feel mind boggling to compare a Granny Smith apple to a Pink Lady? Or a King Edward Potato to a Jersey Royal? No, because they are completely different in taste and we know what we are getting when we buy them. We have already been educated about the differences and we understand them.

Jubilee Strawberries were voted the best strawberry when polled in blind taste tests and even the retailers recognise their exceptional quality – they are what you will be getting when you buy Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference, Tesco Finest, Morrison’s Best, Asda Extra Special and M&S Dine In.

Yet despite this, 80% of strawberry buyers don’t look at what they are buying – even though consumer trends are showing that us shoppers want to shop smarter not cheaper, we want to enjoy the products we buy, not waste £1.99 on a cut price punnet of unripe, tasteless, bullets that we will probably throw away before finishing.

So get strawberry savvy people!! There are still lots of strawberry eating occasions left before the British season ends in October (just ignore the rain!).

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