Thursday, 16 September 2010

Day Break – Tuned In or Turned Off?

It sounds a bit like the title of a blockbuster movie, but alas, it’s the new replacement for GMTV. The sparkling new, reformatted ITV breakfast show aired for the first time last week with a brand new set, presenters and structure. Personally, I’m still trying to get used to seeing Adrian and Christine whilst eating my cornflakes and getting very confused when I tune into the One Show and wonder why Christine suddenly has a Welsh accent!

The new Daybreak show is certainly different. Long gone are the bright yellow and orange colours and the comfy sofas that made you feel like it was an extension of your living room. Instead we have a rather dull and dreary set that even Christine’s smile cannot brighten! But I have to say, that’s the only negatives I have noticed. GMTV has been on our screens since 1993 so a complete overhaul was definitely in order to bring the show up to speed. The new ‘Something Cool Before School’ feature is particularly fun and interesting, yet surprisingly educational, and will definitely attract a younger audience who probably never watched GMTV. They have also moved to more serious stories and interviews with people such as Prince Charles and Tony Blair as well as having the regular entertainment sections, so they are clearly catering for all tastes.

However, reports so far have shown a dramatic fall in viewing figures losing one fifth of its’ audience in the first two weeks. I guess this to be expected given that it’s a turbulent time where loyal fans of GMTV who loved the old format and presenters will feel a little uncomfortable by the change and start to search for alternative morning TV. For me, the sticking point is the presenters as I just can’t get used to them! But I’m sure that with time I, and the rest of the nation, will be able to slip back into easy-viewing, breakfast TV.

What do you think about Daybreak? Have you tuned in or turned off?

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