Friday, 24 September 2010

The Power of PR

Unless you have been hiding under a stone recently (sorry, couldn’t resist…) you will no doubt be familiar with the latest war tribunal involving supermodel Naomi Campbell who was called to the stand in August to testify her acceptance of blood diamonds from ex-Liberian President Charles Taylor.

Whilst this headline story may have come as brand new information to most of you, interestingly enough, it has in fact been going on for many years – it was merely not considered newsworthy enough to cover!

Could it be that in order to generate widespread interest around the case, there was the demand for something or someone high profile to stir up attention? In the words of Naomi Campbell herself; “This trial has been going on for how many years and no-one cared to write about it? You bring Naomi Campbell to the stand and the whole world knows. I was used as a scapegoat."…and perhaps she is right!

As we PROs know better than most, if you want to grab the news headlines, you need to offer the media something meaty! Send a bog standard release and the only place it will be fighting for space will be within the recycling bin.

Although, whilst many of us can sympathise with Naomi for having to undergo such a rigorous tribunal, dragged through the press for what seemed like weeks in order to settle the case, I notice she was quick to promote her other fund raising activities including drumming up support for victims of the Pakistan floods whilst defending her involvement.

So whilst she may criticise the works of the judiciary system for using such tactical methods in order to grab the attention of the media, it seems she too knows how to put the PR wheels in motion as and when is needed!

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