Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Size zero Vs Men's Health hero

The size zero debate rages on with the queen of nil herself Victoria Beckham declaring she will only use size 6 models and above for her Spring 2011 collection. You’d think that by now this would be a matter of course and that the really skinny girls would no longer be booked but this is not the case. At a recent photographic shoot I overheard the stylist and make-up artist chatting about this very topic and how in the lead up to London Fashion Week they are still seeing size zeros turning up for casting from Milan and Paris. It seems that the UK and the US are getting it but the rest of Europe is yet to catch up. Working in PR it’s hard not to be affected by the gorgeous girls we see every day judging us from the covers of magazines. Most of us are big enough and bold enough to be happy as we are, but what of the likes of my ten year old niece who recently confided in me that she is going on a diet!

How refreshing then to attend the Remington Men’s Health Cover Model competition 2010 finalist dinner. The awards celebrate the perfection of not just a physique, but a great personality and a balanced lifestyle too. All the finalists were chosen for their passion to be in the best condition possible without letting their goal imprison them. A new female category was introduced this year and like the male finalists they all followed healthy eating plans and work out so that they can enjoy the good things in life – such as the champagne and posh steak dinner that was polished off by all with relish!

Photo credit: news.sky.com

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