Friday, 19 November 2010

The Curse of the Public Vote!

Last weekend saw two shocking exits, with Michelle and Brendan waltzing out of Strictly, whilst over on ITV Aiden Grimshaw left the X Factor stage after Louis Walsh sent it to deadlock resulting in the ‘marmite’ of the show Katie Waissel moving through to fight another week.

In recent months, Saturday nights have given us a reason to stay in with friends to ‘sofalise’ in front of the nation’s favourites Strictly and X Factor. Yet this weekend’s shock exits of Michelle and Aiden, (leading Anne Widdecombe and Wagner to fly through to the next round), have caused an almighty uproar amongst the British public who feel that BBC and ITV have manipulated the results of their shows in order to aid viewing figures!

Whilst Anne Widdecombe and her ‘disaster’ of a Charleston may be entertaining to some, not to mention Wagner’s amateur performance, is that really why we watch these shows? And if it is, is it fair to say it’s a fix when the final results ultimately rely on the public vote?

It is fair to say that the ongoing war between BBC and ITV has further fuelled this year with even more tactics and PR stories being used to up the ratings. But what lengths will they go to hit their targets? Whilst Michelle and Aiden undoubtedly have the talent, with our favourites being pushed out in favour of more ‘entertaining’ and controversial acts, will we still take the time to tune in?

As much as I love watching the talented people make it through to the final, I do believe that these shows have just become a huge publicity stunt. These days you can’t open a national paper on a Monday morning without the judges and contestants of Strictly and X Factor dominating the first 6 pages! And whilst that is clearly their aim, are we still paying attention?

Whether we take the time to call or not, are the BBC and ITV continuing to fix their shows in such a way, that we actually have very little choice in who stays and who goes? You decide…

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