Thursday, 25 November 2010


As I devoured my weekly fix of the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine, the ‘Stella Loves’ page bigged-up the latest trend for Oriental Glamour. With tempting editorial hailing the Nars bento-box lipstick duo as this week’s ‘must buy’, I couldn’t wait to rush to Selfridges to part with £95. I really believed the editorial hype … that the ‘hand-poured, highly pigmented red and pink pots of colour look delicious and great on the lips’. Having been in beauty PR for the last 20 years, it struck me that even us hardened PR’s are still influenced by the PR! Great stuff … which also got me thinking about the adage that ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ – not so sure in the case of the McGrief that the fake McKeith is causing in I’m A Celeb … but our agency of 30 PR’s are still talking about her – again the PR is working.

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