Friday, 17 December 2010

How will you spend yours..?

As the 'big day' draws ever closer, I'm shunning talk of whether or not it will be a white Christmas this year. Yes, it would be beautiful and extremely festive, but in my mind, it's still too early to predict so I'm content just to wait and see.

What has caught my attention is the conversations about what people are doing on Christmas Day and who they are spending it with. The general theme in our office seems to be a nice quiet Christmas with family, a traditional dinner and then of course the obligatory fighting over the TV remote come the evening. But what are the rest of the nation getting up to?

The latest poll in The Sun reveals that traditional Christmases have fallen by the wayside with less than 5% of us planning to attend a church service on Christmas Day and a depressing 9% claiming they will eat their Christmas dinner in front of the television! Unsurprisingly, with the rise of smart phone usage, more than half of the population plan to surf the internet on Christmas Day and check Facebook and Twitter accounts. Most people also expect to spend most of the day cooking and even the Queen's Speech has fallen out of favour - what a sad state of affairs!

However, its not all doom and gloom. 'How to spend Christmas' is a popular topic on internet forums and many people are citing the importance of spending time with loved ones and watching young children open their presents, so it seems the magic of Christmas does still exist.

Whatever you end up doing this December 25th, have a wonderful day and most importantly, do what you enjoy.

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