Friday, 3 December 2010

It's Snow Joke!

This week, we have been hit by what promises to be the beginning of many arctic freezes – shutting schools, trapping poor commuters on the M25 for hours and causing supermarket panics. The antithesis to this chaos and confusion are the serene scenes of snow-covered villages, families spending a Wednesday afternoon sledging and children making snowmen. All very quaint, somewhat delicious and almost perfectly timed at the beginning of advent.

As PRs, we are continuously poised to respond to the news agenda as it develops. With the big freeze dominating the front pages of the newspapers and with #UKsnow trending on Twitter, our winter wonderland has given rise to such news angles as announcements of impressive Porridge sales (Quaker sales are up 200%) and the offer of personal weather warnings from Oregon Scientific with their innovative Wireless Weather Station (available now from

As a nation, we seem divided about the snowy weather and to get an accurate snapshot of public opinion I consulted a reliable market research facility – the Facebook status:

Brasy Northerner: wishes all the southerners would stop having such jubilant snow statuses!

Happy worker: got closed today so i tried to do my Xmas shopping in town but all the shops where shut so i sat in a pub instead!

Disappointed student: not snowing here, how annoying!

Snow ball enthusiast: I could do this all day, or at least until frost bite sets in – round 3 of snow ball wars beginning!

Santa Clause
: Needs to Christmas shop tomorrow, please don’t snow tonight!!

Devoted granddaughter:
Has been shoveling the snow with granddad so that we can get out of the drive...oh my word, fingers have turned to icicles....

Bitter teacher: I want a snow day

Jubilant Carol Singer: Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow

The impracticalities of snow and our inability for us as a nation to deal with the extreme conditions are so apparent that there is to be yet another Government investigation.

But there is something so amazing about the white stuff (as long as your holiday hasn’t been ruined and you’ve not sat on the motorway overnight).
So, I leave you with the wise words of the beautiful Frank Sinatra and wish you all a very snowy weekend!

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