Friday, 11 February 2011

A Nation of Sickies?

You might have missed it, but earlier this week we should have - apparently - been tucked up at home under our duvets, indulging ourselves on national 'sickie' day - the most popular day of the year for unapproved work absences. (Spare a thought for those poor souls who were genuinely ill and had to face the sceptical responses from their employers!)

It is estimated that around 375,000 people rang in to workplaces, claiming to be unwell. But why is Monday, February 7th #nationalsickday ? Well according to a recent survey, the first Monday in February is when us normally hardworking folk decide that enough is enough, its about time we pulled a sickie. The post-Christmas blues have well and truly reared their ugly head, and combine that with financial worries and the convenient outbreak of seasonal flu, it's a recipe for the easiest sickie ever. But just don't get carried away - with more and more bosses accepting notice of sickness via e-mail or text nowadays, excuses can sometimes be badly thought out. See below for a few that will make you the laughing stock of the office...

1. "I can't get to work because I don't want to lose the parking space outside my house"

2. "I donated too much blood yesterday"

3. "I swallowed too much mouthwash"

4. "My partner burned all my clothes so I have nothing to wear"

Here at Cirkle, we were our usual full house on Monday, which must mean we are a happy lot! But to those less fortunate we say, worry not! It's nearly spring.

(Even better - it's nearly Saturday.)

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