Monday, 21 March 2011

A Heart-ea Cuppa!

Earlier this week, the Sun reported that the Queen makes her own cuppa at exactly the same time every day. Apparently come 5pm in the afternoon, her Majesty insists on brewing a cup of tea with no help whatsoever. In fact no matter where she is in the world, the 84 year old monarch will flick the kettle on, to cater for herself and any guests that she has.

Here in the Typhoo tea press office, we too are partial to a good old cuppa and can also be found lurking in the kitchen at a similar time, brewing up a hefty round to refuel the office. Now whilst we may not be royalty, we do understand that creating the perfect cuppa is an art form…so much so, we managed to conjure up a heart shaped motif earlier today! The Queen may make her own tea…but can she magic art in her tea cup?