Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Bitter Sweet Royal Wedding

You can’t do anything at the moment without being bombarded by the Royal wedding, its everywhere: in the papers, on telly, the radio and in the shops. As the nation is gripped by the upcoming nuptials of Kate & Wills, it seems every enterprise is looking to cash in on the moment and generate Royal wedding sales or some shameless PR. And who can blame them, everyone loves a wedding!

It is very amusing to see the plethora of official and un-official royal wedding memorabilia and special edition products that have been launched. But my favourite by far has to be a limited edition beer called ‘Royal Virility Performance’, which contains Viagra, horny goat weed and chocolate, made by controversial Scottish brewer, Brew Dog.


Although this tongue in cheek jibe could be considered a little crass by some, it should be noted all proceeds from the 40 limited edition bottles being sold from the brewer’s website on the day of the wedding for £10 each, will go to Centrepoint, one of the charities Prince William supports. While it may leave a bitter taste in the mouth for royalists, you must confess it is a great PR story and a tactic we’ve come to expect from this modern, innovative brewer.

Wherever you are watching have a great Royal Wedding!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Russell Hobbs Blendologists stir it up with media!

The national papers may be a buzz with talk of the Royal Wedding but the single ladies in the Cirkle office have had much more pressing issues on our minds, namely the young, gifted and (most definitely) male Russell Hobbs blendologists we've been working with for the iconic British brand.

Cirkle unleashed the duo, Clinton and Pedro, on a room full of lifestyle and interiors journalists last Thursday at the Future Gallery, for the launch of Russell Hobbs' stylish new Mies Van der Rhoe inspired range: allure. Sleek minimalism and architectural lines? Yes please. A first for the brand, the allure range features both breakfast and food preparation products, so for the first time your Russell Hobbs blender can match your toaster and kettle!

We know this is a must for those Kitchen Theatre fans out there as allure is so special it has its own kitchen trend - Kitchen Theatre! Russell Hobbs research shows that over a third of people questioned view cooking in front of friends and family as a theatrical performance. In fact, the kitchen has become the stage, the food and preparation products the props, and friends and family the audience! We knew you were a bunch of show-offs.

Russell Hobbs even published a whole report on it, which we launched at the event, while Tom Savigar of the Future Laboratory gave a talk on current and future kitchen trends, including the theatrical ones.

Over twenty-five media attended including @bbcgoodfood, @channel5_tv, @GoodFoodChannel, @RedMagDaily, @ideal_home_show, Which?, @deliciousmag, @GHmagazine, @HouseBeautiful_ and @homesandgardens, and with plenty of coverage in the pipeline we think its clear that allure were the real stars of the show (sorry Clinton and Pedro).

Take a look at the video if you don't believe us, and brush up on our blendologists' moves (they're flair bartenders by night so don't feel too bad). We dare you to try it for yourselves when the allure range launches in July!


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lucozade’s YES moment!

Last night, during the Champions League Quarter Final on ITV1 a 90 second ‘film’ from Lucozade aired for the first time. Featuring Brit award winner Tinie Tempah, world renowned drummer Travis Barker and Irish World Champion boxer Katie Taylor, the ad celebrates 'Yes' moments, those times when everything clicks and you feel amazing.

I was lucky enough to see the ad premiered to the media two weeks ago in the dimly lit Old Vic Tunnels in Waterloo. The advert was introduced by the man himself, Tinie Tempah and I was in the front row! I’m a bit of a fan of Tinie and have to admit I was more than mildly excited about seeing him and the advert, and I wasn’t disappointed!

So if you missed the magic last night or if you fancy another look go to http://www.lucozade.com/yes/films/ and let me know whether you think it’s as amazing as I do!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Virtual Glass of Water

In Today’s Prohibition Culture, governments and brands are trying to curb, control, nudge and monitor our behaviour and this is becoming increasingly evident in social media gaming. Global trend forecasters, The Future Laboratory/LSN Global, have seen this in Xtreme Crunch Cart – a computer game that requires players to crunch carrots near to the microphone in order to accelerate their carts – the aim is to change children’s eating habits – and it’s a genius way to sell more carrots! I also loved Toyota’s ‘A Glass of Water’ app http://www.aglassofwater.org/en which challengers users to reduce their fuel consumption by 10% by driving with their mobile phone app which shows a virtual glass of water - on their dashboard. The app records good and bad driving, speeding, distance travelled, fuel consumed etc. and the negatives are expressed as water spilling from the glass. The data is used to rank players on the official ‘A Glass of Water’ website. All great stuff as brands embrace apps to communicate innovatively to their target audiences, but couldn’t your constant looking at the virtual glass of water cause a potential accident?