Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What’s your Room 101?

To kick off a new client meeting recently and to cut through the introductions to get straight to the ‘getting-to-know-you’ phase, we asked attendees to share their top three Orwelian-inspired Room 101’s … as well as three things that made them smile. In a flood of vitriol, the Room 101’s ranged from people sauntering at train stations with their laptops in a wheelie bag trailing slowly behind them, oblivious to you trying to circumnavigate around their ‘space’ as well as nightclub bouncers – for their sheer cock-sure-dness. Nightclubs created much angst with toilet attendants who ram loo roll under the cubicle featuring high on the agenda, along with the self importance of people prattling on their mobile phones about what time they’ll be back for dinner, particularly bad on otherwise silent train journeys. Spiders and moths made their usual appearance on our verbal list, as did people in supermarket queues who get to the front, THEN rummage for their purse. Self service supermarket tills that publically announce you have unauthorised items in the bagging area got a look in and bullying, rioting and faceless hoodies need no further explanation. On a lighter note, things that make us smile included The Inbetweeners, getting into your own bed with clean sheets when you get back from holiday, receiving handwritten birthday cards rather than obligatory facebook birthday messages (when the sender has been alerted to the fact that it’s your birthday) as well as that first sip of chilled vino post work on a Friday night. Whatever makes your blood boil, or lights up your life, we’ll be doing more of these discussions as it lets you instantly see into someone’s soul. What would you dump in Room 101 for perpetuity?

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Information overload..

Who would have ever thought that a round of tea would spark such discussion in the Cirkle offices this week! After a bit of a desk shuffle at the weekend, the morning tea run has become a mammoth task with so many new and differing opinions on creating the perfect brew. No longer confined to just 'tea' or 'coffee', or 'white' or 'black', we're now into the realms of a SPOON of sugar, a LUMP of sugar (there's a difference apparently), half a lump of sugar, sweetener, semi-skimmed milk, skimmed milk, full fat milk and even the shade of the brew! Some of us were quite literally paralysed by choice with so many options on offer!

It got us talking about these small and seemingly insignificant decisions that we need make every day and whether too much choice is actually good for us. I'm sure we can all recall standing at the supermarket shelves faced with endless rows upon rows of lettuce. Which one to pick? Iceberg? Round? Lambs? Romaine? Cos? Little Gems? Surely they're all going to do the trick in your salad?! And don't even get me started on the tomatoes...

Having choices is undoubtedly a good thing, but is it the case that too much choice can actually make us less productive as we become mentally exhausted and simply incapable of making decisions? Let us know your thoughts.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Best of British

Here at Cirkle, we represent a number of British brands, proud to be able to reinforce their iconic status and authentic, well established heritage when liaising with the media. Whether it be household names such as Typhoo, Russell Hobbs and Hovis, or an array of premium seasonal produce such as British Blackcurrants and Jubilee Strawberries, we are passionate about our British brands, largely because they represent the best that Britain has to offer.

Ask a tourist what they most commonly associate with Britain and you can be sure that the Queen, high tea, cucumber sandwiches, the Beatles and a plethora of leading London fashion outlets will rank fairly highly on their list. That was until the riots exploded in London earlier this week, damaging the longstanding reputation that Britain has built and demanding 1,700 police officers to be deployed to manage the chaos.

Only last week were we sat here at Cirkle HQ, reminiscing about our younger days when we would ride around on our bikes during a warm summer evening or camp out in our back garden with friends...contemplating how times had changed. And whilst we do wholeheartedly acknowledge that crime has significantly risen over the last two decades, since when did things decline to such an extent that it became acceptable for the youth of today to spend their evenings rioting through streets, vandalising property and helping themselves to free merchandise, at the cost of poor shop owners and families who have invested years of graft to build their livelihood.

Whilst the Government have pleaded for parents to get in touch with their kids, surely it is these very parents who have raised a generation of hooligans to consider it the norm to join together with their friends and wreak devastation with no real just cause, heading home at night with an array of pricey goods to sell? Whatever happened to good old discipline where youngsters were reprimanded at home for bad behaviour. Or is it just that these parents feel so out of control that they now have to rely on the police force to instigate some form of order?

Sadly this ordeal is not something that we Brits can shy away from, and as the whole world tunes in to Sky News in horror, to witness the war zone that thousands of rioters have created, we ask this what London will now be associated with? Is rioting, looting and hooliganism really the best that Britain now has to offer?