Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What’s your Room 101?

To kick off a new client meeting recently and to cut through the introductions to get straight to the ‘getting-to-know-you’ phase, we asked attendees to share their top three Orwelian-inspired Room 101’s … as well as three things that made them smile. In a flood of vitriol, the Room 101’s ranged from people sauntering at train stations with their laptops in a wheelie bag trailing slowly behind them, oblivious to you trying to circumnavigate around their ‘space’ as well as nightclub bouncers – for their sheer cock-sure-dness. Nightclubs created much angst with toilet attendants who ram loo roll under the cubicle featuring high on the agenda, along with the self importance of people prattling on their mobile phones about what time they’ll be back for dinner, particularly bad on otherwise silent train journeys. Spiders and moths made their usual appearance on our verbal list, as did people in supermarket queues who get to the front, THEN rummage for their purse. Self service supermarket tills that publically announce you have unauthorised items in the bagging area got a look in and bullying, rioting and faceless hoodies need no further explanation. On a lighter note, things that make us smile included The Inbetweeners, getting into your own bed with clean sheets when you get back from holiday, receiving handwritten birthday cards rather than obligatory facebook birthday messages (when the sender has been alerted to the fact that it’s your birthday) as well as that first sip of chilled vino post work on a Friday night. Whatever makes your blood boil, or lights up your life, we’ll be doing more of these discussions as it lets you instantly see into someone’s soul. What would you dump in Room 101 for perpetuity?

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