Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cirkle Celebrates National Work Life Week!

In Search of a Work Life Balance…

This year’s PR Census showed that PR agency staffs are working, on average, 11 hours more than their contracted hours each week. You’ll be glad to hear that this trend isn’t unique to the PR industry – it’s being replicated across many sectors in the UK and is apparently being exacerbated by the recession. Will Hutton, CEO of the Work Foundation and author of The State We’re In says “working is becoming seductive again” – because we’re all trying to earn more in an economy where take-home income is at its lowest since 1981.

So, trying to achieve the proverbial ‘work-life balance’ – is that just a pipe dream, especially in the current climate? Having worked for four PR agencies in my time, I’ve experienced all spectrums…from the ridiculously laid-back (definitely more life than work – can’t actually remember working late at all there) to the scarily-taking-over-your-life monstrosity of an agency (where you get that pervading feeling of fear on a Sunday evening). But I think the best agency to work for, particularly when there’s economic doom and gloom all around, and your purse-strings are tightening, is one that recognises people work bloody hard, says thank you, rewards where appropriate and strives to improve.

*Here at Cirkle, we’re supporting this week’s National Work Life Week with a series of initiatives including a ‘lock-out’ (as opposed to lock-in), where the office doors will be locked at 5:30pm sharp every day to encourage us all to leave on time!