Thursday, 27 October 2011

Facials At The Check Out...Whatever Next?

The new Tesco beauty salons have opened across the country to mixed reviews. The budget beauty treatment menu includes facials, manicures, eyebrow threading and waxing all at extremely purse pleasing prices.

But is the bright shiny clinical design of a supermarket the right environment for beauty? A pampering treat is the last thing on my mind when I'm charging down the frozen food aisle. But the convenience of being able to park on site, whizz around for my weekly shop and pop in for a quick no frills tidy up certainly appeals.

I doubt very much that a facial or relaxing massage will end up on my shopping list next to the tins of beans and bags of carrots, but an express maintenance treatment like a leg wax or eyebrow thread may well become a welcome addition.

After all, for a time poor PR professional in the beauty industry...every little helps!

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