Thursday, 20 October 2011

The X Factor Tracker

Staying in on Saturday and Sunday nights to watch the X Factor has become one of the nation’s favourite past times over the last few years! Although I am a little bit disappointed that Simon Cowell has abandoned the UK Show, I’m still an avid viewer and it is a ‘must watch’ just to be able to join in on the gossip at work about the weekends performances. Plus Gary Barlow is far more pleasing to the eye!

Only last week we planned to set a wager in the office on who would win this years show and be in the running for the Christmas No.1. Last year I could have predicted that Matt Cardle was going to win, having been my favourite throughout the whole show, right from his first audition. However this year, I have to be honest I do not have a clue who to set my wager on.

That was until this very helpful email landed in my inbox today, with a link to the ‘X Factor Tracker’. Using social media a team of social scientists are tracking what everyone says about the X Factor through sites such as Twitter. The Tracker gives contestants a popularity score, which then allows them to predict who is most likely to go out that week and who is doing the best!

An obliging tool when making a wager, just a shame we are now pulling the names out of a hat! I will be keeping track on what they say though and whether their social media experiment proves successful, so far I have to say that I do agree with them.

Check it out! ‘The X Factor Tracker'

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