Tuesday, 6 December 2011

What tache are you?

With Movember ending just over a week ago, I was uplifted to see so many blokes embracing this monthly tache-fesh, and all in the name of charity. Everywhere I travelled, be it on trains, planes, automobiles or just walking up the street, I spied sprouts of ‘bumfluff’ on the top lips of the more mature male, transforming them instantly back to their pubescent teen days. I was surrounded by so many taches, beards and bits of face fuzz, I had trouble working out who actually wore this facial furniture all the time as opposed to just during Movember. What is great is that this month is really catching on and is continuing to be successful in raising awareness of men’s health, male cancers and particularly prostrate cancer - causing real talkability, action and support. Within our office of 30 girls (and one bloke) we wondered what we’d look like with taches and I must say, we liked what we saw … what tache are you?

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