Friday, 13 January 2012


When someone says addiction, what springs to mind? Drink, drugs, cigarettes? How many people would list internet addiction in the same category? For the first time, internet addiction has been linked with changes in the brain similar to those seen in people addicted to alcohol, cocaine and cannabis.

A ground-breaking study has revealed that adolescents who spend many hours on the internet have abnormalities in their brains to the detriment of their social and personal lives.

An estimated 5 to 10% of internet users are thought to be addicted, meaning they are unable to control their use. So according to these figures, 2 people at Cirkle might well be addicted to the internet. Okay, this is quite unlikely as the majority are games players who become so absorbed in gaming that they go without food or drink for long periods. It is no surprise that their education, work and relationships suffer.

Today however, a survey has suggested that relationships in general are suffering. One in four couples speak to their partner for 10 minutes a day or less. I therefore wonder how far internet addiction is to blame. How much free time do you think you spend talking to your partner and how much do you spend online? I for one am going to spend more time on the former, a New Year’s Resolution if you will.

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