Thursday, 9 February 2012

Movie Buffs Unite… It’s time to get square-eyed!

The prestigious 84th Annual Academy Awards (that’s ‘The Oscars’ to me and you folks) are well on their way, so get your predictions up on the fridge and a jar of popcorn kernels on stand-by. We here at Cirkle are only too aware of the splendour of the night of accolades, and as you may well know, we host our very own Cirkle Oskars each year to honour the top trade media figures we work with. Just as there’s only one ‘Oscars’, there’s also only one ‘Oskars’ and we’re proud of that. After all, we like any excuse for a pat on the back and a knees up!

If you’re like us, you’ll be trying to cram in a watch of this year’s film nominations; dashing from cinema to mate’s house to DVD store trying to make sure that by the big night itself, you’ll be able to waffle your way though some film criticism and sound, well almost, like you know what you’re talking about. On the 26th February, it’ll be time to sit back and relish the award speeches, the meringue dresses, the jokes and the robberies. Why not host your very own awards night? Champagne and posh frocks are obligatory of course. With such gems up for Best Picture as ‘The Artist’, ‘Hugo’, ‘Tree of Life’ and ‘The Descendants’, it’s tough to say just who will steal the show… but that’s all part of the magic. Enjoy!

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