Friday, 3 February 2012

Our Loss...The Diet Industries gain...

Every January I am surrounded by the same thing; friends, family and colleagues moaning about their bulging post-Christmas belly and making firm resolutions to shed the pounds and hit the gym.

There is no time like January, where the pressure to lose weight is greater. The dieting industry begins its massive onslaught of propaganda to convince consumers that they cannot begin the year without a firm resolve to change their body weight by joining a gym, buying diet pills and drinks, and beginning a new and “all-improved” diet fad. We see a glut of new diets and weight loss television programmes cashing in on our guilt and we succumb to making news year’s resolutions comprised of unrealistic dieting and exercise promises.

Nevertheless, as we begin the month of February or most recently referred to in the media as "Flabuary" it seems diet and fitness regimes have become a distant memory and many are falling off the wagon with their health and weight loss targets.

Our collective failure to keep our resolutions every year is what the diet industry relies on at this time of year to haul in the biggest portion of their annual profit. It’s basically an industry that thrives on our failure to change.

However, we are all aware of our dieting amnesia and failures but continue to fuel the industry…to be honest the conflation of weight and health are impossible to escape….Perhaps next year we should consider a resolution which focuses on areas of improvement or, if being more healthy really is the goal, consider a resolution which has health, and not simply weight loss, at its core. Hmmm we shall see!

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