Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Suppliers must act now to maximise patriotic summer sales

Independent retailers are maintaining a good level of optimism about growing their businesses this year, despite the ongoing challenges of the economy. Their optimism is certainly being buoyed by the sales opportunity presented by the eagerly anticipated Summer of Patriotism: Queens Diamond Jubilee; London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games & football’s Euro 2012. However less than 25% of independent retailers we spoke to through Retailer Inner Cirkle said they were ‘very confident’ about getting support from suppliers.

Fortunately there is still time and a big opportunity for suppliers to develop strong trade campaigns around relevant products and promotions and ensure that these are effectively communicated to customers and actioned together in-store. At Cirkle we were fast out of the blocks to roll out strategic and sustained trade communications around the summer sales opportunity on behalf of our leading FMCG clients and the positive impact is already starting to be felt.

Trade press remains a trusted and reliable source of information. In fact 72% of retailers we surveyed were able to recall all the recent major FMCG campaigns that ran across the key titles. Communicating with customers in the right language, with the right messages, through the right channels is absolutely critical to help maximise sales and profit, not just during the Summer of Patriotism but all year round. Those suppliers who are focused and committed to trade communications will not only achieve increased visibility and trust with their customers, they will also drive a long term profitable partnership.

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012


That’s one of the initiatives I heard about recently at The Future Laboratory’s trend briefing on The New Sublimity. In our era of digital ubiquity, it seems we’re now seeking ways to regulate digital intrusiveness, especially at work where we crave thinking and contemplation time. The Future Laboratory calls this ‘digital invisibility’ – where we switch off from tablets, laptops, mobiles, Twitter, Facebook, email etc. etc. … and it’s not just at work but airports, the home, holidays (isolation retreats) and hotels … in fact 62% of consumers now don’t want to be contacted on holiday.

But The New Sublimity isn’t about abandoning digital life altogether, it’s about mastering a new on-off way of life
as we increasingly become digital dieters. Forget about cutting transfats, cakes and calories from your diet, it’s now all about dieting from digital and social media overload.

So what would be your contemplation utopia?