Friday, 8 June 2012

We hop on the British band wagon to review the Jubi-loosers and winners…

After months of endless countdowns to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the celebrations have finally come to an end.

From a PR perspective, it has undoubtedly been a hectic time, with a multitude of food and drink brands all vying for a cut of the £823m which the nation reportedly spent. From traditional stunts and campaigns to innovative packaging, the industry went a bit crazy for a bite of the Jubilee cherry.
With the majority of brands having opted for a change in packaging, who deserves to be crowned for their Jubilant efforts..?

My favourites were Kingsmill (Queensmill), Marmite (Ma’amite) and Kit Kat (Brit Kat) who used their iconic British heritage in a tongue in cheek fashion to create talkability. I also loved the nostalgic route chosen by Heinz and Kellogg’s who partnered with the Museum of Brands Exhibition to display their iconic 1950s packaging and take consumers on a trip down memory lane.

And the ones which fell by the way side..?

For me, Starburst, Pimms, Haribo and Cadburys simply rebranded their packaging with a British flag in an attempt to jump on the Jubilee band wagon. Nothing newsworthy. Nothing attention grabbing. Nothing interesting.

Here at Cirkle HQ, we handled two slightly more premium responses; Firstly, Jubilee strawberries remained true to their authentic name, coinciding the official start to their season with the nationwide festivities. Secondly iconic British brand Bendicks refrained from altering their packaging, choosing instead to draw upon their much sought after Royal Warrant. But ultimately the question stands…

…Who successfully capitalised on the Royal occasion, generating cut through and incremental sales growth?

I can’t be sure of exact sales figures at this stage, but think that the brands which genuinely excelled during this period are those which were intrinsically linked to the Englishness of the celebrations and could draw upon their traditional, authentic heritage.

My sources here in the office reportedly struggled to locate clotted cream, traditional scones and strawberries in a number of major supermarkets – which surely indicates that the quintessentially British brands were the ones who not only truly deserve the crown, but who successfully cashed in on the Jubilee!

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