Friday, 13 July 2012

Music suits embrace creativity

A few years ago the music industry was in its deepest doldrums… suing teenagers the inevitable result of labels which hadn’t foreseen the rise of digital and thought they could stem the tide.

Canute-like they watched as it rose ever higher amid their cries that digital would see the end of new bands, the end of innovation, the end of investment and the end of the music industry.

But digital hasn’t killed the radio star any more than video did.

In fact the digital music industry is growing at an unprecedented rate with the IFPI saying major international music services are now in 58 countries, up from 23 in January 2011.

One of the things contributing to this success is smart ideas from a new generation of creative thinkers within the industry. They’re pushing the boundaries of marketing techniques, not just music marketing techniques, finding new ways of bringing music to the masses and telling the story of different bands and artists.

A few of my favourite examples are:

Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters: arguably the most vocal, active (well manipulated?) community of b(r)and-fans ever – and when was the last time a brand didn’t talk about building a community of fans as being some kind of Holy Grail 

Jack White (coolest man alive?) released a track from his latest album using the ‘new distribution method’ of 1000 flexi-discs tied to helium balloons which were released from his Nashville base three weeks before the album release date.

And now this… the Sound Graffiti technique used in NYC by French label Kitsuné. They teamed up with creative media agency CNNCTD+ to give fans the chance to listen to the new album and win copies at stations around the city, locations were revealed online.

Isn’t that cool?

On that note, I’m off to find my welllies, brolly-hat, sunnies and shorts… its Latitude this weekend, sometimes just the music is enough.

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