Thursday, 27 September 2012

Need tips on how to achieve your career goals? New software helps with what and who you need to know

ResumUP is a new platform from the States, currently in BETA, which helps you map and chart your career and achieve specific career goals. It works by taking data from existing social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and putting it together into an impressively thorough visual representation of your career to date with very little additional input from yourself (see this video link for some rather fetching examples).

It gets better from here: ResumUp can help map out the steps you need to make to achieve your next career goal or change with practical tips and advice. It does this by cross referencing the career information you've provided with career information from people already in the role you want in order to analyse the gaps in your current skills and experience. 

This struck me as pretty nifty for a couple of reasons. It’s the first useful example I’ve seen of information being sourced across platforms, cross-referenced and presented as one cohesive package, it’s also a new example of how software is improving our lives and interestingly, how our data is being used (with our permission) in more sophisticated ways.

ResumUP also responds to a need. Trend and insight forecasters The Future Laboratory have found that the current workforce generation has on average seven to ten career changes in their lifetime, compared to an average of three changes in their parent’s generation. This software seems a pretty relevant way of reaching what The Future Laboratory term the Slash/Slash generation, in all their internet savvy glory.

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