Tuesday, 25 September 2012

What makes a 'Cool Brand' cool?

The latest round up of “Cool Brands” (as defined by key cultural influencers, designers, journalists, musicians, and of course celebrities for good measure) was out this week with Apple toppling Aston Martin from the top. What makes them cool? Well, according to the panel, they demonstrate style, innovation, originality, authenticity, desirability and uniqueness. Pretty obvious it would seem when you consider who makes the list ….. YouTube, Glastonbury, Virgin, Bang & Olufsen, Vogue …. But ‘coolness’ is often something that is short lived so there must be something more to it surely? As with any brand that it is successful, these names are giving something to their consumers that creates a reason for their fans to welcome them into their lives. For Aston Martin it is surely status, for Haagen Dazs it is pleasure, for iPlayer it is entertainment. You see, today’s consumer edits out irrelevant brand messages simply because there are just too many to consume and the ones that achieve cut through are the ones that give them something genuine in return. These brands aren’t just cool, they are enriching people’s lives. Blackberry fell out of the Top 20 in this year’s list – it stopped being cool because rather than improving people’s lives, it ignored their needs.

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