Thursday, 6 December 2012

Home workers put in a longer day...

Page 16 of The Telegraph today covers research from the University of Texas which states that home workers put in a longer day and work harder than those who work in an office. Having benefited from Cirkle's flexible working policy, in which Account Managers and above have the option of working from home on Friday's, I can vouch for this.
Freed from the commute either side of the working day, most of us in the office find that we can be particularly productive with the extra time and the feeling of 'getting ahead', even just for a couple of hours a week is invaluable. Friday has become the day to save tasks where you need a quiet, uninterrupted space – it’s also a bonus that you can pop out to do house errands at lunch, or even just stick the washing on.
The research doesn't say anything about staying in your pyjamas until noon though... hmm....

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