Friday, 8 February 2013

The Differences Between His and Her Tweets…

A fascinating new report has been released today by Brandwatch – The Twitter Landscape / UK / 2013.

They describe it as being, “based on data from a two-month period in late 2012, it offers an overview of current trends in Twitter usage”. It’s the analysis of approx. 10,000 randomly selected tweets…

Among the interesting results:

- there were more tweets mentioning brands than music or celebs

- tweets are roughly 1/3 broadcast and 2/3 engagement

- women are more likely to tweet using first person language… i.e. women are much more likely to say ‘I’ and ‘my’… this self-orientated stance of female Twitter usage, compared to the more detached tone of male usage, aligns with past studies done on the role of gender in speech and language. Consequently, powerful inferences can be made about gender-specific online behaviour matching the off-line world

- male dominated topics include: sport, gaming, news and politics

- female dominated topics include: TV, work, education and music

- TV ads are the subject of regular comment (who says TV advertising is dead?)

- Brand mentions were more likely to be retweets than replies, suggesting that users were more inclined to publicise brands passively rather than actively creating content

- With strongly female-skewed authorship, food and drink tweets were almost exclusively related to snack or fast food brands, reinforcing the notion of Twitter as an on-the-go network… however, the disproportionate volume of tea brands mentioned demonstrated the tendency of authors to tweet during breaks and to discuss their immediate surroundings

- blokes complain more frequently, while females talk about purchase experiences and enter competitions more

There is lots more, if you have any interest in better understanding Twitter, it’s a must-read.

by Nick Woods
Deputy MD

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